Well, this has been quite the semester. My friend and next-door neighbor eloped and dropped out of school, I was put on chapel probation without even going over the 6-miss limit, my roommate and good friend graduated this semester, I had a new boss, and I punched someone in the face while I was asleep.

Learning all along the way, I feel that I’ve matured greatly in the school of life, with my grand God the presiding head professor.

The most important lesson I feel I’ve learned this semester is how to let go of strong feelings impeding godly behavior like anger and resentment as well as feelings stemming from desires for revenge and stress from various things, not excluding homework, work, roomates and other trials of life.

God has shown me my innermost thoughts can be revealed when I least expect it, and therefore the importance of developing the right mindset brought about by correct beliefs in truth, and evidenced by correct attitudes, producing ultimately right, godly actions in my life.

Though I haven’t reacted perfectly and maybe not even in the best way, I feel that overall God has brought about these situations, and sometimes even trials, while providing me the strength in maturity and discernment to have come about through each of these things having provided an adequate and righteous reaction. In this way I feel that my experience, knowledge and wisdom have been increased this semester in a visible way, and for this I thank my almighty Creator for His providence, wisdom and loving care towards my soul through these times.

I also want to tahnk all my friends and professors fora ll the things you’ve done for me and taught me, Thanks for being there for me. Whatever happens in the future, whether I see you all again or whether your path in life departs from where God has led you to in my life. I pray that God would heap blessing upon your life and bring prosperity and joy more and more into your life!

Thanks friends!

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,
Billy A.


Ok, well here’s what’s happened since last August (ish).

This will be condensed, if you want to find out more about what’s happened with me I’m free to talk through IM, phone, or e-mail.

Well, now I’m a junior in college.
Still signed up to come here to TMC next semester. In October I started dating someone, but just recently (a month ago) became single again.
It was quite a year. Busier than ever before. The first semester was busy because I joined Choral. This is the show choir of our school. Because I was so busy I dropped almost all my music courses including Choral.

However, it was at least as busy, probably more because I took 18 units, which was more than I’ve ever taken in a semester before. And also was dating, until the very end. This made last semester the all time busiest over all.

Anyway, finals week was absolutely killer and drove me into the ground, but I made it.

As for the summer, I plan on staying out here and working on campus for the summer. I will be an interesting adventure (I doubt I will do it next year, but that remains to be seen).

Well, I’m out of time. I plan on going back for a week or two to visit family, do something fun and visit some friends.

Time to go back to work.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

Yes, that is what this blog seems to be on for now.
Quick update.

Winter break was good.
Went to winter camp.
Kelly came for that. So Christmas was amazing.
Got to go skiing the day before I came back to college (where I am now) again (which happened last year too, lol).

I am now in my 2nd semester as a sophomore.
Classes look hard, but manageable.
I’m taking the most classes I’ve ever taken before in a semester, or at least the most units.
On the upside (at least for my time’s sake, I’ve got less work this year to fulfill my work/study award), also I have no real music classes anymore. I have to drop piano and Choral, but am still in one choir for fun.

Well that’s enough for now. Thanks for reading.
Prayers are appreciated. Have a good day!

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

Well, half of my finals are over. They seemed to go well.
I still have a really hard one and a moderately hard final to get through.
The accounting final shouldn’t be hard, but I don’t seem to do the best on these tests, so I’m trying to study alot for it.
The theology tests are always impossibly hard and then he curves it.
Amongst all that mish-mash of grade basketball, I usually don’t come out with more or less than a B or B- unfortunately.
This is something I don’t like (obviously). Soo, I’m going to study my brains out if I can do it, and go for the best. I would appreciate every prayer.
People use prayer as a joke for test, but some of the best grades I’ve gotten are because I’ve asked the living almighty God for the power of His knowledge, and then take my tests with the best of my ability. One of these, was my final programming test.

I want to appreciate my God. I am his dependant and he is my provider. The one true source of all knowledge.

Бог Хваления (Praise the Lord)

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

Well, lately I’ve been too busy to even think about updating this blog. Unfortunately, it may be that way for a while. I don’t know how much I’ll update this blog, but I would expect not much.

Of course inspiration comes at strange times and in strange amounts. I will try to blog when I have the inspiration. In the mean time, remember I’m here, but I’m sorry about the lack of content.

In the meantime. Just a few things I’m doing.
Right now I’m trying to get a paper written on Predestination and free will. We have to read a book about 200 pages and write a 2000 word essay about it. It looks like it’ll be hard. It’s due Tuesday (trust me I started reading as soon as I found out, it kind of came on very quickly (only the second week of classes).

Also, I had an idea this morning. Nowhere on campus can you buy Arizona tea. The other day I saw someone with a big case of it. I’m thinking I should find out where I can get one of those and sell them for about a dollar each to whoever wants them from my dorm room. If people like Arizona tea as much as I do I’m bound to make some sales. I figure for buying a whole case I’m bound to save some money on each individually and that way, if I sell for a dollar it might make a little profit (just for fun mostly). And I’ll have Arizona tea on hand for myself. That’ll be nice to have if no one wants any.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

PS let me know if you drink Amazon

Classes are starting tomorrow!!!
It should be fun, interesting, crazy. All that.

These past few weeks I worked on campus full time.
After work I found things to do, like watch movies with people nearby, or work out at the fitness center or take walks.

Anyway, I gots stuff to do, and so do you!

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

Here I am rumbling west in a giant motorhome over the mountains.

This is another update coming. I guess the best thing to hope for this year and last is for at least 4 updates a year or so.
Anyway, I’m sitting here writing this blog on a freshly reformatted computer which sadly has not been backed up properly.
For some reason I wasn’t thinking and didn’t check the backup very well. I made one with windows onto my external and hoped for the best and it didn’t turn out so well.
It looks like all my pictures and music are intact, however, and that’s all I really care too much about. The only other thing I really miss is my installers file which had a myriad of software installs that I use regularaly.
I will have to download and repopulate my computer when I get to somewhere with WiFi provided I can find the right network card driver on my uncle’s computer.
Well, the reason I’m rumbling west in a big motorhome towards Grand Junction (while I’m writing this anyway) is that my boss asked me if I could come out a little earlier than school starts (which is about the 20th or so)
I figured a couple weeks would be alright and agreed to that. My uncle, aunt, and cousin who’ve been staying with us all summer decided it had been long enough in one place and so offered to give me a ride to college.

I’ve had quite a good summer for the most part. The only sad part is that I wish I could spend so much more time with the friends I have here. I will miss them.
Stay in touch guys!!! And that’s an order!

Anyway, I finished up working at DQ last week Wednesday and then headed up to camp on Thursday to catch the banquet and stay till Saturday to take everyone home. That was pretty fun.
Friday night involved warding off invaders of the cabin next door with airsoft guns and aeresol deoderant.
There was less sleep that night, but more fun. After we came home our youth group gave our presentation of pictures and information about what we did during the week long missions trip to the
New Mexico Farmington area in a Navajo reservation church called Da-Na-Has-Ta full gospel church. I got to put all the pictures in order and into a presentation, which was alot of work, but made the whole presentation look pretty good I thought.
After that I packed and packed and packed up for about three and a half days to get ready for today (Thursday Aug 9th) when we were supposed to leave at about 2 or 3.

We left about 6 or 7 o’clock.
So. now I’m blogging at 11:45 on Wordpad (because I don’t have Word installed anymore 😦 ). Anyway, I’ll get that fixed sooner or later.

Plans are, for me, to be at the college two weeks before classes start, like I said before. I’m really wondering if or how many people will be there and what I’m going to do for fun when not working.
But even more than that I wonder if I’ll make it for two weeks mostly eating in my dorm room. That will surely be interesting. I am planning on getting a microwave and coffee maker to make food with.
If all else fails I suppose I can always find sustinance off of ramen noodles. Hopefully though, I will figure out how to make more than that and still have enough food to last for one or two weeks. The second week I’ll be there will be WOW week (week of welcome for the freshmen). So that’s going to be more interesting at least. There will be a little more population on campus to interact with. I am planning on not going to the cafeteria at all, but I am also still holding a little hope that the caf may be open at some point. I hope to get my meal plan going a couple weeks early. I’ll have to ask about that though. I don’t expect it, but who knows.
All in all God provides, but prayers I would severely appreciate. There’s alot of hoping in that last paragraph I just wrote. We’ll see what happens.

The plan is to arrive Sunday and move in sometime between one and five o’clock and begin work on Monday.
Well, I don’t have a whole lot more to write. Drop me some e-mails and comments though, so I know I’m not totally alone though and I’ll try and respond back when I get my computer back online and running correctly lol.

To everyone else that is not back at school already, have a great summer and enjoy the rest you still have.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

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