Well, half of my finals are over. They seemed to go well.
I still have a really hard one and a moderately hard final to get through.
The accounting final shouldn’t be hard, but I don’t seem to do the best on these tests, so I’m trying to study alot for it.
The theology tests are always impossibly hard and then he curves it.
Amongst all that mish-mash of grade basketball, I usually don’t come out with more or less than a B or B- unfortunately.
This is something I don’t like (obviously). Soo, I’m going to study my brains out if I can do it, and go for the best. I would appreciate every prayer.
People use prayer as a joke for test, but some of the best grades I’ve gotten are because I’ve asked the living almighty God for the power of His knowledge, and then take my tests with the best of my ability. One of these, was my final programming test.

I want to appreciate my God. I am his dependant and he is my provider. The one true source of all knowledge.

Бог Хваления (Praise the Lord)

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

I’m sitting in my living room at 1:21am listening to the rain.
I love rain. The wetness, the coolness.
It’s amazing.
I even love cloudy weather.

Call it gloomy if you want. It makes me so cheerful.
It’s like a present from God that frees us from the norm.
Sun is nice, but there’s plenty to go around.

Clouds and rain are like an exotic import from the tropics.

Even the cool weather is wonderful.
It makes wearing something thick cozy and comfortable well worth it.

I think I wnat to move to washington someday. I would love it.
I think if it ever rains when I have to write a paper, it’ll be the best paper I’ve ever written.
I think if I moved to washington I could become a writer……

Praise the Lord, who shares the wealth of his heavenly storehouses full of wet cool liquid life that rains from the beautiful mystical clouds and washes the earth, grows the plants and cleans the air. Blessed be the name of the Lord and all who praise, serve, and adore him. He loves the World. The evidence is crystal down to the smallest feature of his beautiful masterpiece of magnificent machinery we call the world even after sin has corrupted for so many a century.

Our God is an awesome God full of love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and beauty.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer-writer,

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