Shai Linne – False Teachers

Check out this post by John Piper about the rapper Shai Linne’s controversial song “Fal$E Teacher$

Here’s the song:

He condemns a long list of popular preachers by name for their false teaching:

Turn off TBN, that channel is overrated
The pastors speak bogus statements, financially motivated
It’s kind of like a pyramid scheme
Visualize Heretics christianizing the American dream
It’s foul and deceitful, they’re lying to people
Teaching that camels squeeze through the eye of a needle!
Ungodly and wicked, ask yourself how can they not be convicted
Treating Jesus like a lottery ticket
And you’re thinking they’re not the dangerous type
Because some of their statements are right
That only proves that Satan comes as an angel of light
This teaching can’t be believed without a cost
The lie is you can achieve a crown without a cross

What do you thiink? Comment below…

1 comment
  1. I really like this whole album it is really good and only disagree with one song. I think it is interesting that he mentions people by name. Jesus didn’t name any names in the Bible (that I know of) but he did name groups of people who were mislead. I bet that John Piper was just glad he didn’t name him in the song, lol.

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