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Well, we’ve certainly done some interesting work on our home server since we got it setup. I finally got an ESXi OS installed and we ended up with 2 linux servers, 1 xp machine, and I just setup a temporary Windows 2012 Server.

Here’s all the fun SysAdmin things I’ve gotten working on it:

  • Subversion repository – for development purposes.
  • OpenVPN server – so we can connect from anywhere to our servers.
  • SparkleShare – Open source type of dropbox file sharing server. Unlimited storage 😀 😀
  • Web server – hosting just one site for now.
  • Internal DNS server.
  • Development SQL database.

Things we’re working on now:

  • Intranet site.
  • Development of an android app.

Looks like we’ve got plenty more to try out and get working. I would like to get some better backup stuff going on for our servers and personal machines. I also need to get a new network share location that will be easy for everyone on our network to access.

Any fun projects you might suggest we try on our infrastructure?

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