Life after school

This summer is coming to an end (maybe it technically has already, I don’t know). Its been a productive summer and a fun one. It’s been a busy summer with lots of work too. This summer I my realest job yet. What I mean by that is that this is the closest thing to a full time job I have yet. I work 40 hours a week, and will be doing so for the foreseeable future. While I’ve had a 40-hour-a-week job before. It’s only been in the summer. And, at the same time, this job is technically not full time since I am a contract employee. At this point it seems there is a good chance of having my contract extended or being brought on officially as a full-time employee.

My company ( is developing a international operations center. This is essentially why we are right now, but the idea is that we will be larger and much more equipped to solve our colleagues problems almost immediately instead of escalating to another tier of support all the time. Hopefully this means there’s more opportunity for work. However, nothing like that in life is too sure. God may have other plans.

A few other significant things that have happened/been accomplished this summer are that Benjamin and I moved out for the first time ever, I learned to type on the Dvorak keyboard layout, I read George Orwell’s ‘1984’, made some new friends, and chose a new church.

I’m praying for God’s guidance and provision of wisdom as I make decisions in the future about what to do with my life. There are so many opportunities. Above all I pray that Gods will would be done (and I hope you’ll pray for me about this too) as that’s where I would be most joyful and most productive.

Thanks for reading,

  1. I have read your article "Life after school", It's really very amazing. I am also doing a job and work for 54 hours a week.Jobs in Pakistan

  2. Life after school is searching about a job. Sometimes I remember my life at school, the moment I remember were full of joy and happiness and now a days I am working for six days in a week.Jobs in Toronto

  3. You read 1984 ! I just read that this year to it was so good! I now understand the big brother quote that everyone seems to use all the time 🙂 I am so glad you chose a new church !

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