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I’m sitting on a grassy hill in the shade feeling the cool breeze drift over me as I stare at a small pond. I feel I cannot thank God enough beyond even this peaceful moment. He has brought me so far and taught me so much. There’s too much to describe. Even still I ponder my experience, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and see that I have in my grasp no more than even a grain of sand within my vault.

Ecclesiastes 1:17

God continues to bless me, even though things don’t happen the way I would plan. I keep pondering and my curiosity grows as I think of God’s will for me.

Pray for me: that I would continue to grow in my knowledge of Him, that I would be a good example and testimony to the unbelievers around me, that I would be wise in the things I say and do as my life changes in so many ways.


Well, I’m onto a new chapter in my life. I’ve just finished getting my bachelor’s degree in business and I’m now working and living in Denver. I bought my first car ever last week and now I’m going to be working to finish paying for the education I just got and the car I’m now driving. Life is about to become a lot more normal. It’s hard to know how to take it.

I stopped blogging about… well let’s see here… the last real thoughtful post I wrote was about two years ago. And those posts came about twice a year or once a semester.
So, I’m thinking it’s about time to start writing again. I kind of stopped writing because I felt like I had started to put out more than I had inside. That, and I was really busy. Now that I’ve had quite a bit more life experience (I know, not a ton, but you can pack a lot into four years of college) I think I’d like to start writing a few things again. Now, it’s summer, so things are busy. It still may be too busy to post, getting used to work and looking for new things and getting things taken care of, but I’m hoping to do this more regularly now. I’ve had a lot of things on my mind that I’ve wanted to write about. Hopefully I’ll get the time to simmer them down into something meaningful and easy to read.
I need a new signature… I transferred my new gmail account to be the author now instead of “Yokanchi” since I feel sort of “grown up” now.
Till next time,
Billy A.
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