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I-5 remains closed after truck pileup in tunnel – Los Angeles Times

So, today I was supposed to go to the beach, but this is what happened last night at 11pm and so I couldn’t because the route to and through LA to the beach is through there.

Kind of crazy. It’s like something that doesn’t happen unless you’re watching an action movie.

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I’m sitting in my living room at 1:21am listening to the rain.
I love rain. The wetness, the coolness.
It’s amazing.
I even love cloudy weather.

Call it gloomy if you want. It makes me so cheerful.
It’s like a present from God that frees us from the norm.
Sun is nice, but there’s plenty to go around.

Clouds and rain are like an exotic import from the tropics.

Even the cool weather is wonderful.
It makes wearing something thick cozy and comfortable well worth it.

I think I wnat to move to washington someday. I would love it.
I think if it ever rains when I have to write a paper, it’ll be the best paper I’ve ever written.
I think if I moved to washington I could become a writer……

Praise the Lord, who shares the wealth of his heavenly storehouses full of wet cool liquid life that rains from the beautiful mystical clouds and washes the earth, grows the plants and cleans the air. Blessed be the name of the Lord and all who praise, serve, and adore him. He loves the World. The evidence is crystal down to the smallest feature of his beautiful masterpiece of magnificent machinery we call the world even after sin has corrupted for so many a century.

Our God is an awesome God full of love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness and beauty.

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Indians Take To Streets Against Wal-Mart –

Aw, that’s mean! That was my second reaction to this article.
The first of course was, “oh those poor indian workers losing their jobs to Wal-mart” That’s what they want. Really why it’s mean is that people just don’t want to change the way they do things. If someone comes up with a brilliant business plan that revolutionizes business and culture, we shouldn’t freak out so easily just because that’s not what we’re used to. It’s not like Wal-mart is destroying jobs! They’re only creating as many as are destroyed. There’s always places to work for Wal-mart. And, if people don’t like working for Wal-mart. Then they’re going to have to get innovative and creative! Sounds mean, maybe, that’s capitalism. Not real friendly, but honestly not that mean if you really look at the options.

Input please! Leave comments! What do you think?

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Wired News – Study Ties Marital Strife, Heart Disease

I always wonder if God thinks, told you so. When something like this happens.
This is an instance where Science has found that it is very important to marry the right person, and most importantly keep a good marriage.

“‘What we add here is that, ‘OK, being married is in general good, but be careful about the kind of person you have married.’ The quality of the relationship matters,’ said lead author Roberto De Vogli, a researcher with University College in London.”

Of course, divorce is left out of the possibilities for someone who is a Christian and has a bad marriage. Their best and technically only option is to improve their marriage by being servant-like and trying to make their spouse happy as much as they possibly can.

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