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Wow, I was just reading Psalm 78 and it amazes me what can be found.
If you ever want to teach a lesson that covers the history of Israel this is a great chapter to use as your base.
You don’t have to go and make your own summary, it’s already written for you! This whole chapter (and yes it is a bit long as you might imagine) covers from Abraham (Israel) to David.

It’s really a great history, only including the important stuff, which would be Israel’s relationship with God.

Till next post.
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Classes are starting tomorrow!!!
It should be fun, interesting, crazy. All that.

These past few weeks I worked on campus full time.
After work I found things to do, like watch movies with people nearby, or work out at the fitness center or take walks.

Anyway, I gots stuff to do, and so do you!

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

Here I am rumbling west in a giant motorhome over the mountains.

This is another update coming. I guess the best thing to hope for this year and last is for at least 4 updates a year or so.
Anyway, I’m sitting here writing this blog on a freshly reformatted computer which sadly has not been backed up properly.
For some reason I wasn’t thinking and didn’t check the backup very well. I made one with windows onto my external and hoped for the best and it didn’t turn out so well.
It looks like all my pictures and music are intact, however, and that’s all I really care too much about. The only other thing I really miss is my installers file which had a myriad of software installs that I use regularaly.
I will have to download and repopulate my computer when I get to somewhere with WiFi provided I can find the right network card driver on my uncle’s computer.
Well, the reason I’m rumbling west in a big motorhome towards Grand Junction (while I’m writing this anyway) is that my boss asked me if I could come out a little earlier than school starts (which is about the 20th or so)
I figured a couple weeks would be alright and agreed to that. My uncle, aunt, and cousin who’ve been staying with us all summer decided it had been long enough in one place and so offered to give me a ride to college.

I’ve had quite a good summer for the most part. The only sad part is that I wish I could spend so much more time with the friends I have here. I will miss them.
Stay in touch guys!!! And that’s an order!

Anyway, I finished up working at DQ last week Wednesday and then headed up to camp on Thursday to catch the banquet and stay till Saturday to take everyone home. That was pretty fun.
Friday night involved warding off invaders of the cabin next door with airsoft guns and aeresol deoderant.
There was less sleep that night, but more fun. After we came home our youth group gave our presentation of pictures and information about what we did during the week long missions trip to the
New Mexico Farmington area in a Navajo reservation church called Da-Na-Has-Ta full gospel church. I got to put all the pictures in order and into a presentation, which was alot of work, but made the whole presentation look pretty good I thought.
After that I packed and packed and packed up for about three and a half days to get ready for today (Thursday Aug 9th) when we were supposed to leave at about 2 or 3.

We left about 6 or 7 o’clock.
So. now I’m blogging at 11:45 on Wordpad (because I don’t have Word installed anymore ­čśŽ ). Anyway, I’ll get that fixed sooner or later.

Plans are, for me, to be at the college two weeks before classes start, like I said before. I’m really wondering if or how many people will be there and what I’m going to do for fun when not working.
But even more than that I wonder if I’ll make it for two weeks mostly eating in my dorm room. That will surely be interesting. I am planning on getting a microwave and coffee maker to make food with.
If all else fails I suppose I can always find sustinance off of ramen noodles. Hopefully though, I will figure out how to make more than that and still have enough food to last for one or two weeks. The second week I’ll be there will be WOW week (week of welcome for the freshmen). So that’s going to be more interesting at least. There will be a little more population on campus to interact with. I am planning on not going to the cafeteria at all, but I am also still holding a little hope that the caf may be open at some point. I hope to get my meal plan going a couple weeks early. I’ll have to ask about that though. I don’t expect it, but who knows.
All in all God provides, but prayers I would severely appreciate. There’s alot of hoping in that last paragraph I just wrote. We’ll see what happens.

The plan is to arrive Sunday and move in sometime between one and five o’clock and begin work on Monday.
Well, I don’t have a whole lot more to write. Drop me some e-mails and comments though, so I know I’m not totally alone though and I’ll try and respond back when I get my computer back online and running correctly lol.

To everyone else that is not back at school already, have a great summer and enjoy the rest you still have.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

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