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Nerds are girls from jupiter apparently. This is one thing I learned on this missions trip. Lol, that would be the famous quote from one of the kids on the trip, JP.

Last week we went to the area of Farmington New Mexico and did a four day VBS for a local church. It was fun, it was hard. The guys of the group did the games and the girls did the crafts. I also taught the last lesson of the week on Jesus’ power over death, using the story of Jarius and his daughter (Mark 5). The kids were very quiet and shy most of the time. That was the hardest part. Their attention would wander and they didn’t always want to participate. Otherwise, we did have some very participatory kids, like JP for instance. I think this trip was a good one for planting seeds and hopefully building a foundation. I’m hoping that this trip will help the church we went to (Da Na Has Ta full gospel church) to grow in their childrens ministry. Hopefully more of them will want to come to that church and learn more now.

Well, if I try to write anymore I’ll never get this posted so

Till next post.
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PS I wrote this a few days ago and don’t have time to add to it. You can ask questions, if you want to know more. Or maybe I’ll get really bored and post more lol.
Thanks to everyone who prayed also, your prayers made a huge difference.

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