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Here I am sitting in my dorm room in front of my computer at 7:15 AM. Don’t know why, but today I got up at 6:35 or so. So, now I’m ready a little early and don’t really have a reason to be. Mostly I’m just wishing I could have gotten more sleep last night but I have to be at work in about 5 minutes so it’s not worth it.

This week’s been crazy.
2 tests. 3 or 4 quizzes. One got cancelled so, I’m not sure whether I still had 4 or not. And I had to give my testimony. Which I did a pretty bad job of, unfortunately. and then I had at least two worksheets due and a bunch of reading. Didn’t finish the reading completely, but I’ll have to do that this weekend. Oh well.

Ok, I’m done with my surprise. It looks like next week will be more calm?
We’ll see. Never can tell, but at least I don’t have any tests.
I gotta get ready for work.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

“I just killed Dracula,” said Tom Swift painstakingly.

“The interest span of a child is possibly thirty seconds. Higher if throwing food or annoying a small animal is involved.”
– Erma Bombeck

“Accomplishing the impossible only means the boss will add it to your regular duties.”

“I went to a general store, but they wouldn’t let me buy anything specific.”

“Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.”
-Baron Justus von Liebig (1803-1873) German chemist



Ok, I would like to start off this post by saying that everyone should read Pearls before Swine and watch 24 so you can be like me and then we can all be the same. All the better to erase individual identity! WahAha!

Ok, that sounded a little too propaganda-ey… Let’s try that again.
Twenty-four is a really amazing show that I think most of my readers would enjoy and I recommend it to everyone. Also, while I am recommending I would like to mention to you that Pearls Before Swine is a really really great comic strip that exhibits simple humor in the most grand and entertaining fashion. I would recommend you start reading it.

That was pretty good, no?

Anyway, I’ll just give a little update and stop messing around (hmmm, nah scratch that last part I’ll just give you a little update).

I’m over at someone’s house with my good friend and work buddy Houston and we’re housesitting with these people. It’s pretty fun.
Last night we stayed up late watching tv eating pizza and experementing with the features of Windows Vista through an ad-hoc network between our computers.
This morning I made some omelettey goodness for me and Houston with eggs, onions, salt, pepper, and 3 kinds of cheeses (recipe straight from your favorite cook, Billy lol). It turned out well enough and we ate it with salsa.
That’s pretty much all. Gotta study for like 4 quizzes, a test, and a speech due this week. (oh, 2 tests I mean, I better get busy, later y’all)

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

PS You may have noticed the abnormal amount of quotes in my last post. I have so many quotes to share I’m going to start putting about 5 for every post,
strictly for your viewing pleasure.

“Success: How high you bounce when you hit bottom.”
– General George Patton

“A halo has to fall only a few inches to become a noose.”
– Farmers Almanac

“My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.”

“The road to success is marked with many tempting parking spaces.”

“Never remember what you can afford to forget.”
(sooo true)

Here’s some of the things I accomplished yesterday.

1. get up at 6:45am to start getting ready to go to work.
2. go to work at 7:30am and set off the alarm.
3. listen to John MacArthur (Johnny Mac to some) speak in chapel.
4. school, work work work.
5. eat some toast with honey on it that I dropped on the ground (honey side down of course). LoL, I surprised some people with that one, but it looked clean enough to me and frankly I just really wanted to eat that toast.
6. watch 2 hours of 24 woohoo!!

Thats all folks.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

“It is bad to suppress laughter; it goes back down and spreads to your hips.”

“If we are to learn anything of value from Star Trek, it’s that the universe is filled with vastly different styles of foreheads.”
– Chris Needles

“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”
– Galileo Galilei

“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.”
– William James

(or as it was said in chapel. You know you’re spiritually mature when you know you are free to not partake in freedoms)


Well, lots of interesting and exciting things have happened. But I’d like to start out with this:

That’s right people. I have gone vista! I like alot of the features. There’s some cools stuff. Unfortunately there are alot of things they need and here are a few:

Aeroglass effects need to be the user’s choice, not windows. I have a modest computer. It’s not a whole lot really, but I’m pretty sure it would work if I wanted it to. However, microsoft decided they wouldn’t let the user choose that. Also, there are alot of driver problems. That’s probably more of the driver companies problems though so I don’t complain alot about it. There are a few more dumb things vista does, but I don’t have time to talk about them. Otherwise it’s not too bad.

Anyway, I also got office 2007 and that is pretty much amazing. I’d been using the beta version anyway, so I have really no complaints so I’m happy to switch to the full release. It is a wonderful program I would like to encourage everyone to use.

The next thing this week that was cool & worth talking about is
That thing is AMAZING! 2000 free downloads with a school e-mail and the only disadvantage is you can’t transfer to an mp3 player or cds, which stinks, but can’t be helped with free music lol.

Well, I’m pretty much pumped about web design class. The homework is a bummer because of the way we have to do it. But other than that I love it. I’m going to be learning CSS which is AWESOME!! Already know some html, so now I’m out for the gold which is CSS. Our final project is to make our own webpages 🙂 So I’ve got all set up for me to put up as soon as I come up with some code and some things to put on it. So, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for a name. And, since I’m not all that creative in words I’m needing suggestions for a name of my website if anyone has one that’ll be great, as well as suggestions for things you want to see included in the site.

Well I need to go hit the gym, but I have one more thing to throw out to you reader (whoever that may be). Why in the world does blogger load this on the website title???

What in the world does apple have to do with google???
Oh, well a mystery to be contemplated later. Adios

PS OkGo and Skillet are amazing!! I love these bands, their music is like ice cream for your ears.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

You Vill Report Smoky Autos!
This was funny, read it if you get a chance.

This morning the guys in the car I rode to church in were talking about how dumb sounding the name is for the super bowl.
“hmmm how about fantastic bowl! mmm, no, how about…. annual bowl. mmmm no, excellent bowl? great bowl? SUPER bowl!! yeah! super bowl. Because it’s super! lol

Yeah, anyway.
Here’s what’s been happening this week. I started to get a little more homework. Yeah, I have 3 quizzes this week in one class… Not sure how that works. Last week we did have two of those classes cancelled, but we still only have a usual 1 quiz a week in that class, so I guess he just decided we became lazy bums while having that hour and a half off monday and wednesday. Then, I have one more quiz in another class too. And another one in another class. At least I don’t have anything to write this week, but I’m doing my testimony ahead of time, because I’ll have to give it for speech.

This weekend I played ultimate frisbee in the mud, and it was actually pretty fun. And I also ate sushi and made sushi with some friends. I had some from a resturant and then we made our own, and the ones we made tasted the best :9

Then today. I watched the superbowl. Actually I only watched half of it, but that was fun even though the team I was rooting for lost. It’s alright though since that’s the first football game I’ve even watched this year. Oh, yes. I also dressed up as a gnome with a group made up of all Slight guys we like to call the “Blue Zoo” and went with an assortment of other characters to the men’s basketball game and cheered our team on.
It must have worked because we won. I’m kidding of course, but it was really fun except for how sweaty I got and how loud it was in the mask.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

“When you’re over 50 you can still do all the things you did when you were 17 if you don’t mind making an idiot of yourself.”

The “problem” with today’s society, is that; (no one) knows how, to punctuate correctly, anymore?

The colder the X-ray table the more of you has to be on it.

“People are forever calling me a hypochondriac, and, let me tell you, that makes me sick.”
– Sandra Wilson

“By doing just a little every day, you can gradually let the task completely overwhelm you.”

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