Cell phone

A few of you have probably been wondering why you IM me and then I don’t respond but I’m still online for a really long time. Well, I haven’t gotten cable internet yet (unfortunately). What I have done is figured out how to make AIM send me text messages when I’m not on my computer. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I finally got a cell phone lately. So the long and short of it all is that when it says that I’m “mobile” it means I’m not actually on my computer but my cell phone is. If you feel like dropping me a message, please go ahead and feel free to do so, it’s still free for me to recieve messages. Just don’t get all dissapointed that I don’t answer, that’s what actually costs me. If I don’t, its either becuase I don’t have anything that’s worth enough for me to say, or my cell phone’s down in my room on my shelf.

Well, tonight I’m going to see our “school play” (only say that it’s, quote, a school play becuase it’s from our homeschool group. It’s still gonna be great, but it’s not technically a “school play”) anyway, it’s called the cinderella deception. Or something like that. It sounds like it’s gonna be really really good, can’t wait. Oh and I’ve decided that until we leave I’m going to occupy myself with a personal project. I’ve decided to make this in our backyard. That should keep me well occupied for a while. Since I’m finished with speech, debate, and music theory I’ll hopefully have the time to finish it. I’m really looking forward to having a comfertable place to sit since I really enjoy taking my homework outside and working, or just plopping down with my laptop and enjoying the summer like weather. Anyway I’ll try to post my progress and pictures if I get it working right. Benjamin will be my associate in this endeavor *grin*

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

“Everything can be filed under ‘miscellaneous.'”

  1. If Benjamin’s your associate, stay away from any random apples. (I was going through our movies formatting them for my site’s upcoming design.)

  2. LoL!uhoh! I just ate a pickle Benjamin gave me!wonder if I’ve gained any new powers *grin*

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