Well, here’s the update I should’ve written a while ago

Yerp, here it is. The information.

Well, the debate speech tournament went really well. That is not to say we placed anywhere in anything, which we didn’t, but aside from that it was very very fun. Mostly just all the meeting new people, and getting really really good at debate. Also I gave my Humorous Interpretive speech, that was another really fun thing to do. It was really fun just to give it. I think I would have advanced, except that my speech only took up half the alotted time.
The schedule. The first day we started the whole thing out with a bang and did four debates. It was rather interesting becuase we debated our own case 3 times out of the four. The reason being, well, to explain it more fully, we were affirmative twice (which means we gave our case twice), and we were negative twice (which means we debated against another team’s case). It ended up being that we did have an equal amount of debates on aff. and neg. but one of the times we were negative we ended up debating against, what was essentially our own case. So that was actually kind of fun. Interestingly enough the one time we weren’t debating our own case, that was the time we did the absolute worst on a debate. But, as an excuse we were debating the first place winners that time. Benjamin and I didn’t even understand it at all till their second speech, and we used all of our whole five minutes of prep time immediately after their first speech. So that went really bad. One really funny thing that happened (and did happen during this particular debate) was that I went up to present a speech and I was prepared to read a peice of evidence that said something to the effect of; sometimes when there are unfortunate outcomes it is the patients fault because of other factors like obesity and smoking. I pulled out the evidence and was all ready to read it, when I momentarily looked up and realized that the judge for this round was probably the obese judge (it wasn’t a guy either) out of every other judge in the building at the time. Suddenly I decided I had pulled out the wrong peice of evidence and stuttered onto my next point. Now that I think about it I think that the evidence I was going to read might not even have been relevant, so perhaps it was for the better, I hadn’t quite figured out the affirmative’s case at that point either (no wonder they won). Anyway, the whole thing altogether was great. The second day we debated twice and so that was great fun. Also gave my speech again that day. Then the third day was probably the most fun, because I got to go and watch whatever I wanted, already being eliminated the day before from any competition. So I watched a great many funny and captivating speeches. The most interesting thing happened that day. Actually, I think the most interesting thing that has ever happened in a debate (short of someone actually dying, which has never actually happened mind you). During the Octi-Finals, halfway through the power decided to go out. Just to explain for clarity again, the Octi-finals are right before the semi-finals and then the finals are after that. So what they decided to do was switch to a room with windows. There was about 5 minutes of barely useful daylight that hardly made it into the room. So the five judges and the four competitors finished the round using flashlights and cell phones to light the paper. That was pretty cool. Some of them can now say; “I have debated in the dark”. Hehe, anyway, tomorrow we’re going to actually find out how many rounds we actually won, which I don’t anticipate to be any great number but I shall update you guys as soon as possible on this info. Also as for what I’m doing this weekend;

Tomorrow night after classes, we’re going to have a Mystery Dinner hosted by our youth group. This is a dinner where the patrons have no idea what they’re ordering. Then after that Benjamin and I are going to Chandler’s house. On Saturday we are all going to a scottish festival with Chandler’s brother in law. Chandler talked me into wearing a skirt*cough* I mean kilt to it. So that’ll be interesting. I’ll finally be able to say that I wore a kilt. Anyway, that’ll be some fun.

Sorry for the somewhat abbreviated and possibly typo ridden post, but I’ve had a ton to write about and I really am supposed to be making my lunch for tomorrow and hitting the sack.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

“How do they get the ‘Do not walk on grass’ signs way out in the middle of the lawn?”


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