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Well the tournament for debate/speech (both of which I’m participating in). So I’m feeling really really really anxious about that.
This last thursday I drove an hour and a half up to go to debate practice, after a few hours of that I had to leave it early to go teach piano and then go to awana. Immediately afterwards (the next day actually) we had friday classes and debated that day too. Well sort of, we didn’t actually get very much debating done. Then we came home and Chandler came over and stayed till saturday and then went skiing with us for benjamin’s birthday on Saturday. And this is where I got my second degree sunburn on my face for not wearing sunscreen. It was so warm I didn’t have anything on my face and it was hardly cloudy too so that’s how it happened I guess.
It didn’t really hurt so much till today and a little yesterday. But mostly today it’s been really painful. Most of the burn is around my mouth and nose area so when I eat it hurts to move my mouth. So after that Chandler stayed at my house again till Monday.
Monday KC and Traci came and picked us up and we went shopping and watched a movie at our house. That was really fun. I found some really sweet headphones and Chandler got an expansion to Carcasonne. Then today I went to the Museum with Traci and KC. It was great being able to hang out with them, but it was pretty annoying becuase by now, my sunburn is really dry and peeling and it hurt most the time, especially when I talk or try to eat. So it was fun otherwise. When I got home I was so drained (I think because of my burns, I slept for about an hour and a half. And now here I am writing this post. That’s a nice little short overview of my crazy week
And it’s only going to get crazier, I have the three day tournament starting on thursday and I’m going to be debating with Benjamin and entering a Humorous Interpretive speech. So pray all you possibly can for me (I’ll need it).
I think after this I’ll just lie low for a week and try to get some rest. I’ll be lying low and trying to avoid any more teachers who are going to try and bamboozle me into getting into something like this again.
Yep well, that’s about all for this post. I really should be preparing for thursday, and here I sit writing this post.

Well, I actually got a whole bunch of stuff done for debate since I wrote this post a couple hours ago lol.
by the way, thanks for the encouragement KC lol, it helped alot!

Anyway, the reason for this edit is, I forgot to say that anyone who wants to hear the song I wrote or see the my speech just drop me an e-mail or comment (though an e-mail will be faster). And I’ll send you a link to download either or both.


Till next post.
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“If you are good, you will be assigned all the work – if you are really good, you will get out of it.”


Well I found that post that I was complaining about losing a post or two ago and so I’m going to post it. The little note at the end isn’t accurate at the end but I left it in there anyway. I’m also posting a joke I got in the Cybersalt Digest today so that you aren’t totally bored with today’s post lol.
Here ya go;

“Things to do When Your ISP Goes Down”
1. Dial 911 immediately.

2. Open the curtains to see if anything has changed over the past 2 years.

3. You mean there’s something else to do?

4. Threaten your ISP with an impeachment vote.

5. Work.

6. Re-introduce yourself to your immediate family.

7. Get that kidney transplant you’ve been putting off.

8. Sleep (and dream about surfing the Internet)!

* * *
* * *

Two things to post about;

AlphaGrip AG-5 handheld keyboard and mouse : Page 1

Well that’s the most interesting keyboard I’ve ever seen. I still can’t figure out how you type something. I can’t figure out where the rest of the letter keys are.

and then I found this story.
Attacks target Internet traffic cops

Maybe that explains why blogger isn’t quite working all the way. lol, I don’t know.
Sounds pretty wild though.

* * *

Recital – 2 days

Till next post.
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“Visa is everywhere you want to be except out of debt.”

PS I don’t know what in the world the title says on this post or if it’s even readable. Like I said isn’t quite working right. I also tried to post a comment replying to Chandler’s comment on the last post, but I don’t think it worked.

Ok, so I finally spent my life’s savings on a laptop and now here I sit at our local library making use of their highspeed (not so highspeed really) wireless internet access. I ended up finally getting a Dell inspiron b130 with 1 gig of RAM. A pretty good deal too. As for the recital, thanks for any prayers about that. It went really pretty well. My students were spread all throughout the three recitals so I ended up staying there from 11:15 till 4. Personally it was pretty boring, because of the fact that you have to listen to so many boring songs to hear any good ones. I ended up hearing Fur Elise four times, all not done very well (they weren’t really the worst and I wouldn’t expect any more from the age they came from, but I could have played it better without practice for the most part. I played Jardins siuos le pluie (dunno about that spelling) which means gardens in the rain in french. It was written by Claude Debussy. Well, as for the upcoming weeks pray that we can get all practiced up for debate and speech because me and Benjamin have a debate/speech regional tournament coming up the last two days of this month and the first of next month. So, we’ll be going crazy doing debate till then. Oh and I almost forgot to mention. Get your jealous feelings working because we’re going skiing this weekend! WOOHOO!
That’s all for now

Till next post.
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“Some days you are the bug, some days you are the windshield.”

Oddly Enough News Article |

An interesting article for Y’all.


Well, this week I have a piano recital this weekend. Actually I get to go to three recitals, since I have students in all three recitals. There’s one student I’m really worried that he might not be very good. He’s taken alot of work, but it doesn’t seem like he’s practicing or something, although I’ve gotten assurances that he is. Anyway, pray that he gets his act together for this Saturday, which is when we have the recital.

Me and Benjamin finally got a microphone this Sunday. So, I downloaded a really awsome free recording program called Audacity. By the way thanks Jim for recommending it to me it’s working nicely.

So I recorded a somewhat good copy of a song I wrote and was planning on posting a copy of it on my blog, unfortunatly I looked at the size of the file (17mb!!)
and found that it’s rather large. Too large in fact. So I’ll have to figure out another way to share it.
Well that’s all I really have to post about for now.

Till next post.
Your faithful typer,

“Nobody believes the official spokesman, but everybody trusts an unidentified source.” – Ron Nesen

Me and one of my friends used to joke with each other about wondering what “made girls tick”. (besides shoes and chocolate)
So anyway, tonight me and benjamin and philip were pretty wacky because we all had hot chocolate. So then I made a great discovery. I have figured out how philip’s brain works!! Basically the whole thing is made up of two virtual snakes which wander around a rather large empty basin. When they run into each other something comes out of his mouth! Even still greater, I figured out how Benjamin’s works!
… His has three snakes.

Anyway, how Sarah’s mind works is still a mystery. I’ll post when I find more.

Till next time.
Your faithful typer,

“The best time to make friends is before you need them.”

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