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Memorial Day.

Dizzying White rows.
The red of the stripes.
From the flag and the flows.
And the pride that swells
from the sound of the pipes.

The soldier that died
for our country’s sake
The flag half mast has flied.
And now, this day do we take
to remember and honor those whose love could not have been fake.

Patriotism this great, never has been.
Thanks to the soldiers who, for us have bled.
May our country’s great banner,
every other stripe red,
remind you of those ones who for you are now dead.

This poem is dedicated and written to honor those patriots who have died protecting the liberty, rights, and freedom of USA. And most importantly died protecting America itself.
To them,

Your faithful typer,


Well yesterday (no actually Thursday come to think of it) wasn’t the best day of my life. In fact i think you could safely say, it was at least one of the worst days of my life.
So what happened? We were on our way to piano, right? Just an ordinary day, then suddenly, my mom is pulling out into an intersection and this guy in front of us slams on the brakes causing us to smash the front of our new Buick. Ok so it wasn’t new to us, it was my grandma’s old car. It WAS the first new car we’d had in quite a while and besides that it was a pretty nice car. I mean it was built for luxury. Anyway, so this guy in front of us happens to have one of those giant, Get out of my way or I WILL run over you, kind of trucks. So we get the front end of our car crushed and guess what it did to his? Nothing whatsoever. Now don’t go thinking i want his car *coff coff* i mean Truck, damaged, i really don’t but guess what he wants?? HE wants to call the cops and get an accident which ends up with us getting a traffic ticket, incidentally my mom wrote that he HESITATED in the intersection. Later i told my mom that he actually stopped! But anyway he’s probably going to get off scot free and we get to go to traffic court + pay for our own damage.

So then we came home and missed piano lessons.
But wait….. There’s more! woohoo!

So, i we came home, and since i was feeling kinda depressed i decided to go and skateboard and get some of my frustration out. After much practice, i actually landed a 360 ollie, which if you know anything about skateboard tricks is not all that easy to land. But anyway i came down landed it perfectly…… And then shot off my skateboard and hit the ground faster than hair off a 70 year old’s head.
after 20 minutes or so of pain, i decided that my wrist was not broken only sprained. So now i can’t play the piano, or do most anything (using a keyboard and mouse is hard enough). So the next day, i decided to play a bit of.. Hide and go seek. You know spend time with the siblings (get exercise, and spend time outside as well) and so i just happen to injure my wrist even further. WOOPDY DOO! So while my wrist is throbbing and I’m trying to get the cursor where i want it to go with a broken mouse, you might offer up a little prayer for the needy and disabled. To say the least the events of the past couple of days has been….To put it nicely… Depressing. Till next post.

Your Faithful Typer(through trial and torture),
Yokanchi a.k.a. Bilfy, Billy, and Billy bob joe – U.S. & World – Woman Jailed for Calling 911 to Complain

Well, i decided if im going to be writing a more political like blog I should be reading more news, soo i went looking for some and found this.

If you want some interesting reading you might want to read this short article and see what you think

It’s kinda sad. Kinda stupid. Just thought i’d show Y’all.

Now for an update section of this post.

Monday and Tuesday, me and my family went to IFCA (international felloship of christians of america, or something like that) conference at mesa hills bible church in colorado springs. One thing I have found is that whenever we have ifca there, i must expect to be stuffed with food between every break. They had like six different kinds of coffee and tons of snacks. I ended up drinking a bunch of this kind of coffee called blueberry crumb cake! Besides that we had a gourmet cook for dinner and had some scrumtious chicken.

Besides the great cooking, i also really enjoyed the preaching. We had les, i don’t remember the last name but he talked on getting leaders in the church, and as unrelated as it may seem. Me as an MK (missionary kid) it was very interesting and enlightening.

Well thats all i have for now. Till next post.

Your faithful typer,


Yesterday I went to church and didn’t come home till night. We had a youth activity at a park near our youth leader’s house. He’s not exactly our youth leader anymore but still kinda acts like it so for lack of a better title, our youth leader.

The russian youth group that was supposed to come didn’t, I don’t know whether that was because they didn’t hear about it or what. Anyway we had alot of fun playing volleyball and flag football and stealing water balloons from other people. Chandler and me had decided to do this earlier, and i went with a tucan tattoo (fake of course) on my nose, making use of it’s billboard like properties (yeah i have a quite large nose) chandler had puppies on his cheek. Then we finished off our day with a trip to arbies and i went to heaven in a reuben sandwich.

By the way did you know they have Sobe at arbies? I found that out and had some. Quite a good day yesterday and today i am most likely going to a two-day IFCA conference with my family. Whether that turns out to be fun or not time will tell.

Till next blog,

Your faithful typer, Yokanchi

Welcome to the grand opening post of the Electric Typerwriter

This Blog will be used to give updates, news, prayer requests, updates and opinions on politics

If you are interested in politics and conservative views you will enjoy reading this blog, i will try my best to keep it updated.

Until next Post,
Your faithful typer Yokanchi

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